Butterfly Adventures

Butterfly Adventures is a fun arcade style game where you control a beautiful butterfly whose goal is to gather as much pollen from the air as possible. But watch out because not all of the pollen is created equal! Some pollen is polluted. We call this kind of pollen the "Smokers," and they are bad news. If your butterfly touches a Smoker, you lose a life. Flutter out of the way or hide under flower petals to avoid polluted pollen.

There is also special pollen that sparkles. You want to collect all the twinkling pollen you can! This "Super" pollen gives you bonus points and will destroy all Smoker pollen from the screen (giving you an even higher bonus score.)

As your butterfly flutters through each wave, the pollen will fall faster so be alert. Keep your eye out for rare Mystery Icons which will drop during the game. Collect these to unlock other species of butterflies. You can watch each butterfly (by visiting your collection) go through their complete metamorphosis as they turn from an egg, to a caterpillar, to a chrysalis, and then eventually into a vibrant and unique butterfly! As your butterflies hatch, you can select ANY from your collection to control as you play the game! Have fun capturing them all for a complete set!


  • Two methods of play - normal mode is multi-touch and easy mode is touch and drag
  • Capture all of the mystery butterfly icons as they fall to complete your butterfly collection
  • Check in daily to watch your butterfly complete its metamorphosis. Each stage will show you something new and there's a countdown to show you when your butterfly will reach the next stage! Learn about different species of butterflies as your collection grows.
  • Switch out butterflies from your collection to play in game! This is a really fun feature and it's really cool to play as all the different butterflies. You can change as many times as you'd like during game play!
  • Game saves anytime you go to main menu to check your butterfly collection. You'll resume game in the same wave you were at before exiting
  • High scores are saved. Try to beat your top score. This is an arcade game and the whole goal is to collect as many points as you can!
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