Flash Cards - United States

Flash Cards - United States helps both children and adults learn geography of the United States. This educational app for kids teaches basic trivia about United States geography, such as states and state capitol recognition, correct state abbreviation, state flags, and famous U.S. destinations. Various fun facts about each state are taught as well.

App Features:

  • Colorful United States Map
  • Recognition of States, capitols, and abbreviations
  • Easy to follow instructions on how to play
  • Understandable navigation through the flash cards
  • 430 different flash card variations
  • 9 Sets of the United States Flash Cards, including:
    • Identify Sates
    • Identify Capitols by State
    • Identify States by Capitols
    • Identify States by Shape
    • Identify States Abbreviation
    • Identify State Flags
    • Identify Abbreviation by State
    • State Birds
    • Famous Places in the U.S.
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