Spelling Space - 4th Grade

If you have a fourth grader this spelling app is for you! Learning Gems newest educational app Spelling Space – 4th Grade includes a pre-recorded list of 580 High Frequency words that are perfect for fourth graders. We have divided these words up into the same exact lists and order in which they were given in an actual school!

Create your own user accounts! We have divided up all the words into 29 spelling lists that you can assign to your child's account. All the other features of this terrific app remain the same as they are in Spelling Space - Ultimate!! We remember all the test grades your child gets on a test for you to review, and it has a Mini Game (shooting asteroids) to help keep your child engaged and wanting to play this app. It's a really fun way to work on spelling!

  • 580 pre-recorded 4th grade spelling words! These words have been recorded in a females voice by an actual teacher!!
  • The words are divided into 29 lists that are actual lists given to students in a 4th grade class at an elementary school!
  • This app is a wonderful learning tool for kids of all ages. It encourages kids to play/practice their spelling, and gives parents a little break from repeating lists over and over verbally each night during the week!
  • Earn asteroids during gameplay as you correctly spell words! At intermission and end of gameplay you get to fire your asteroids at the spaceships flying by! (See if you can destroy the ship with multiple hits)
  • Kids can practice their "entire list" or focus on "difficult words" to hone in on specific words in their list they are struggling with for extra practice!
  • Power bar statistics tracks the percentage based on the amount of times they've spelled each word in their list.
  • Calculates grades each time a spelling test is taken
  • Great for families and classroom settings! Create as many accounts as you like!
  • Parents and Teachers have noted improvements in spelling test grades when using this app!
  • This app is also a great tool for homeschooling!
  • View a report on every spelling list and see every grade your child scored on that list when they have completed a full test!
  • Vibrant, fun graphics (and a cute Alien!) A totally FUN way to practice your spelling!!!
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